How To Guide

Download the app from either the playstore, app store or via the website

· Register using your Shrewsbury Colleges email address

· You will receive an email to confirm your registration.

· Fill out your profile

· Set a next of kin (this can be manually input or you can use your contacts from your phone)

· Your next of kin will get a text asking them to confirm that they are happy to be your next of kin.

· Start setting up your locations using the ADD PLACES or button or SEARCH function.

· You can use your default net of kin, or attach a different next of kin to each location. Please note that every location MUST have a next of kin attached.

· When looking to start a journey, you can either set up new locations in seconds, or tap on an existing location.

· A timer will appear, this shows how long it is estimated to walk the journey.

· You can either accept the journey time or adjust the estimated time taken.

· Tap on START button and the timer will begin counting down.

· At any time you can cancel the journey, say you have arrived or add increments of 5 minutes to the timer.

· If the timer gets down to zero the phone will vibrate to alert you that the timer is still running.

· You can then cancel the journey or say you have arrived.

· If you do nothing, the timer will continue to count down.

· If the timer gets to minus 5 minutes a text message will be sent to your next of kin with a link which shows where you were travelling from and to, and your current location.

· You can cancel or say you have arrived at any time.

· Your location will be updated every minute until such time as you cancel the journey or say you have arrived.

· You can edit, delete or add to Next of Kins or Locations at any time.

· SafeStep does not store your journeys when completed (Unless an alert has been issued)

· No one has access to your location at any time (Unless an alert has been issues).