Safestep Frequently Asked Questions:

Safestep what is it?


Safestep is a simple to use, non-intrusive app that allows you to create place, assign next of kin’s and start journeys in a matter of minutes.


Safestep is not a tracking app, your privacy is protected at all times and your location is only given to a designated next of kin in the event that an alert is issued.


Safestep offers you and your next of kin peace of mind when travelling alone. If you do not make it to your destination, your next of kin receives a text alert showing your exact location.


Safestep offers UK wide coverage so you can use it whilst at home, at university or whilst visiting friends or family.


Safestep allows you to have multiple next of kin’s set up, so wherever you are in the country you can have a contact in close proximity.


Safestep is designed to that should you find yourself in trouble you can be located quickly and accurately.


Safestep is endorsed by the Police, Street Pastors, The Student Union and University Welfare offices.


Safestep place the issue of your data security at the heart of what we do. Your personal data and the details of any journey are only sent to your next of kin in the event of an alert being issued. At all other times your data is secure, and all other journeys are not stored.