SAFESTEP is designed to give you, your family and friends peace of mind

SafeStep – an introduction to the use by care workers.

Although its development began prior to the first lockdown, recent stories of missing people not being found after setting out on a journey have highlighted the potential of the app. We think this is particularly relevant to the potential safety of care workers, for example, those who regularly travel alone between work locations or care receiver appointments during evening or geographically remote shifts.   

It is quick to set up, simple to use, and importantly it is not a tracker. Users can add contacts, create places and start a journey. If the person does not make it to the destination in the allotted time the designated work colleague or team leader receives a text notification and a link to the users live location. The person can then be contacted to assess their safety.

Katie Thorn, project lead, Digital Social Care, a sector-led organisation which provides free advice and guidance to social care providers about technology, said: “SafeStep is a new app that we believe could assist social care businesses, their staff and the people they support.”

More information about Digital Social Care, is available online at or via Twitter: @DigiSocialCare.